The eye is a miraculous organ in so many ways. One of the miraculous abilities of the eye is its focusing system of lenses. The lens changes curvature and allows for focus at near. This is controlled by a little muscle around the lens in the eye.

By the age of 40 the lens capsule has lost its elasticity and we need reading glasses to compensate for near vision. The loss of elasticity is a physiological process meaning it is naturally occurring and continues until the age of 55 where it is maximally deteriorated. There are no exercises or medications to prevent this process. Therefore it is logical then that whether we wear readers or we don’t we are neither progressing or regressing the condition of presbyopia.

Presbyopia is the term used for the loss of focus ability in the eye due to loss of the lens capsules elasticity. The advantage of wearing readers is clear comfortable vision. Not wearing readers has no advantage and will causes eye irritation and discomfort such as itching, burning, redness, headaches and tearing.

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